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2016-11-10 12:00:00 GMT-07:00

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The ABA/INBA was the first fitness organization to host and support Physically Challenged competitions in the United States and introduced abroad. Today almost every fitness organization host Physically Challenged competitions in our country.


Natural Olympia 2008
Gold Medal Eddie Valenzuela
Silver Medal Ryan Smithson
Bronze Medal Angel Munoz

Michael Larry has distinguished himself as the top Physically Challenged in the Standing Division.
He had recently been inducted into the Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame!


Every ABA contest has a Physically Challenged competitions
with two divisions that include wheelchair and standing.

    State Championships
    The United States Physically Challenged Championships
    The American Physically Challenged Championships
    The Natural National Physically Challenged Championships
    Team USA to compete Internationally
    Natural Universe
    Natural Olympia

    THE AWARDS include:

    five foot trophies
    seven foot trophies
    excalibur swords
    championship belts
    championship embroidered jackets
    cast medallions
    solid gold rings
    trips to compete internationally for selected athletes


Here are pictures of some of the competitors:

Jack McCaan, Canada - INBA Natural Olympia & Natural Universe Champion

Michael Amram, USA