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The requirement for the Ms Physique division varies from female bodybuilding in subtle ways. While physique competitors should not have the bulk of a bodybuilder, it is judged along the lines of a bodybuilding contest. As with all divisions, we require the competitors to reduce their body fat as low as possible, we still expect hardness and definition, but taken to the point that stops before a competitor loses their ‘figure or shape’ and the individual muscle groups lose their fullness or dimension.

In Ms Physique competitors perform seven (7) compulsory poses, and quarter turns:

1) Front double biceps
2) Side chest (any side)
3) Side triceps (any side)
4) Rear double biceps
5) Abdominal & thigh
6) Side Intercostals
7) Most Symmetrical (best displays your symmetry of your choice)

In the Evening Show you must have a routine to music, no more than 60-90 seconds. We suggest you bring 2 copies of your music, to have one as backup.

The concept of Women’s Physique is to express more femininity than is done in bodybuilding.

Such as:

  • High heel shoes are worn
  • Hands remain "ALWAYS OPEN" not clenched during the posing
  • Jewelry and hair decorations are allowed
  • Competitors may not twist their physique during the symmetry round (see the Line Up photo at the top), the Head Judge may ask for a ’straight’ line up if the closeness of the division requires full scrutiny.

1) An alternative to women's bodybuilding presenting a leaner physique, in heels and competition suit.
- Muscuilarity
- Conditioning - Reduction of Bodyfat
- Symmetry
-Mandatory Poses with Open Hands

Jr. Masters (35-39)
• Masters (40-49)

Grand Masters (50-59)
• Ultra Masters (60-69)
Super Ultra Masters (70+)

At National & International level competitionis it is discouraged that competitors crossover into Bodybuilding and visa versa.

Who Qualifies for TEAM USA Men’s Physique Competitions:
Competitors that place in the top five (5) in each class in three competitions in the season to qualify for Team USA.



Required Beach or Board Shorts
(example below)


  • Excellent Body Conditioning, Good Muscularity & Symmetry
  • Fit & Athletic Physique - Not the bulky mass of a bodybuilder.

Judges will be looking for fit and athletic contestants who display the proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity size will be marked down.

  • Stage Presence and Personality

Competitors will be asked to walk on stage in beach boardshorts (shorts must be just above the knee in length and below the belly button, no spandex and no logos are permitted on the beach boardshorts but a manufacturer’s logo such as Body Glove symbol or Quicksilver are acceptable.) No shirts and no shoes or sandals will be allowed to be worn onstage. No lewd acts allowed; for example the moon pose or gang signs. Judges are looking for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise who can successfully convey his personality to the audience.

Comparison Round:

  • The competitors will walk on stage in a group and be directed to do quarter turns by the Head Judge and proceed ask a series of mandatory poses.
    1) Front Double Biceps
    2) Hands behind the head Abdominals
    3) Left Side Chest
    4) Left Side Triceps
    5) Rear Double Biceps
    6) Right Side Chest
    7) Right Side Triceps
    8) Best Pose – a pose that best displays your physique. NO Crab Pose is allowed.

Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in quarter turns and in their mandatory poses.

The concept of Men’s Physique is to express more athletic built physique than the bulky mass in bodybuilding.

Such as:

  • Board shorts MUST ALWAYS be worn.
  • NO Front or Rear Lat Spreads and NO Most Muscular poses of any kind during mandatorys


Athletes will T-Walk to music provided incorporating their personal style, as well as, the basic mandatory poses. Be creative!


Promoters can choose to have one class or two. For contests with two classes:

  • 5' 9" & Under
  • Over 5’9”

At National & International level competitionis it is discouraged that competitors crossover into Bodybuilding and visa versa.

Who Qualifies for TEAM USA Men’s Physique Competitions:
Competitors that place in the top five (5) in each class in three competitions in the season to qualify for Team USA.




 This category is scripted from the original bodybuilders’ look of past decades. At that time the focus was a shapely build with a narrow waist and a strong emphasis’s on posing. In the INBA this category will be the foundation of our journey into the International Olympic Games. There is both men’s and women’s divisions.

The criteria are based on Size, Symmetry, Conditioning (that provides full well shaped muscle bellies) and posing.

Size: Muscle added to the natural frame that does not overpower the athletic flow of the body.

 Symmetry: All elements of the muscle groups blend together in a pleasant and healthy body.

*Broad shoulders and narrow (not bulky) waistline

*Full quads

*Full rounded gluts

*Wide spread lats.  

Conditioning: Absolute hardness is not the objective but to demonstrate a well balanced body that could appear in daily life and not subject to display only by a cutting diet.  

Posing: 50% of the points will apply to this portion of the criteria. Quarter turns are feet flat on the floor arms down at the sides. Then a posing routine that is scored based on the designated poses required in the routine plus additional points added for proper execution of the higher difficulty poses.

Demonstrating proper and eloquent posing in symmetry, pre judging and routine rounds are mandatory.

Poses are (feet placed no further apart than the shoulders with a part):

Front Double Biceps

Back Double Biceps

Abdominals & Intercostals

Front Lat Spread

Back Lat Spread

Hands on Hips Most Muscular

Legs / Quads and Hamstring / calves


Performed at prejudging and part of the score the Posing Routine must include each pose listed above properly demonstrated in rhythm to the chosen music. Music provided cannot exceed 60 seconds. To accumulate additional points for difficulty these poses can be added but cannot replace any mandatory poses.  

Twisting back standing

Twisting Back Kneeling

Front pose using a split

Back pose using a split

Victory symmetry stance

 Front pose with a vacuum