Countdown to the 2016 Natural Olympia:
2016-11-10 12:00:00 GMT-07:00

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A) Symmetry is defined as the proportional balance of opposite body parts such as:

  • Comparing deltoids to calves
  • Barrel width of the chest to the width of both thighs
  • Size of the hips to the sweep of the back

The above would constitute symmetry.This does not refer to muscular mass in the upper and lower body, but rather to a harmonious blend of all body parts for a total aesthetic and proportionally developed physique.

B) A judge does not decide on potential.We can not and must not excuse or forgive any body part for not being developed anymore than a judge in ice skating can ignore or excuse the fact that a skater has fallen.


A) Presentation would encompass all other physical characteristics not included in the other categories.Such as, grooming,posture,projection and above all display, which includes the choice of poses,(are they fitting for the individual athlete?).

B) Their sequence, execution and transition (or flow from pose to pose).

C) The ability of the athlete to display and project his/her physique to it's advantage.

D) The size of the muscles.We are talking about the size of the muscular development in relation to the size of the bones or skeletal structure.

E) The shape of the muscles.We are talking about the shapeliness of the muscles which should be pleasing to the eye.

F) The muscles should be developed from it's belly (center) out to the extremities of that muscle.


A) Separation would constitute the clear border line between adjoining muscles known as "Tie-Ins".

B) A distinct visible separation between muscles of what is commonly known as "CUTS".

C) Definition would refer to the distinct muscular detail within each muscle which would appear

D) The appearance of muscular development while displaying the quality of separation of adjoining muscle groups.