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Gold Coast, Australia



Gold Medal Overall Open Men
Gold Medal Professional Men

352 entrants representing 20 Countries in the 2009 INBA Natural Olympia turned the Gold Coast (Australia) event
into a history defining 4-days for Natural Bodybuilding. The physiques, personalities, quality and contest condition of
each drug-free athlete competing created an awesome experience for everyone involved and an "event storm" on the
Natural Olympia day. Not were just the Top 3 incredible, the top dozen competitors, were awe-inspiring to watch on stage.
With line-ups of up to 28 per division, never in 30 years of involvement in the sport of bodybuilding have I witnessed such
a stunning event and competitors. Every part of the 4-days were awesome. Starting with 210 minutes of registration on
Thursday, where 352 entrants were registered, music and posing instructions taken, contest number and ID Passport
handed out, questions answered, uniforms purchased, tickets collected, DVD orders confirmedin an average of 48 seconds
per entrant! The professional of the event administration was second to none. The contest started on Thursday night
with the Female and Male SportsModels judged and presented at the Opening Party. The following day, the Bikini Divas
literally stopped traffic in the heart of Surfers Paradise with over 300 spectators cramming into Cavill Mall to watch the
INBA beauties. All this just led to the greatest-show-on-earth, The 2009 INBA Natural Olympia contest on Saturday.
350 competitors rolled out 11 hours of top-end competition in a seamless, faultless, display of figure, fitness, physique
and bodybuilding. With a relaxed and happy celebration of the event following on Sunday, INBA booked SeaWorld resort
for our own private Luncheon and Gala Presentations.

2009 Natural Olympia Results

Further placings will be posted and all placing results remain unofficial until
competitor samples collected for drug testing are confirmed negative.

Professional Men
Gold Medal Kiyoshi Moody (USA)            $3,500.00US
Silver Medal Michael Waddington (AUS)    $2,000.00US
Bronze Medal Joel Ramintas (AUS)            $1,250.00US

Also competed:
Chad Brann (USA)
Ricky Syamsuri (INDONESIA)
Thomas Anderson (USA)
Tim Martin (AUS)
Marco Pagnanelli (USA)
Marco Addis (ITALY)

Ms Fitness
Gold Medal Rebecca Tarzia (AUS)
Silver Medal Cleo Brown (AUS)
Bronze Medal Elise Thomson (AUS)

Physically Challenged- Seated
Gold Medal Andy Harrison (AUS)
Silver Medal David Buckmaster (USA)
Bronze Medal Clayton Turner (AUS)
4th place Mark Dalliston (AUS)

SportsModel Women
Gold Medal Emily Troise (AUS)
Silver Medal Carla Donovan (AUS)
Bronze Medal Justine Swaitalla (AUS)

Also competed:
Juliet Cotterill
Sophie Burch
April Witt
Karlene Dagg
Andrea Cooze
Terri-Anne Grey
Esther Hartog
Simone Lewis
Danae Hegen
Jessica Anderson
Chloe Stout
Zhenya Vernon

Sports Model Men
Gold Medal Adam Browner (AUS)
Silver Medal Alexander Hausen (AUS)
Bronze Medal Sario Kalms (AUS)

Also competed:
Glen Kelly
Karl Petzke
Andrew Strickland-Ross
Vlad Adam
Kent Mason
Johnathan McDougall
Sam Shepard
Mark Peski

Bikini Diva
Gold Medal Carla Donovan (AUS)
Silver Medal Esther Hartog (AUS)
Bronze Medal Danae Hegen (AUS)

Also competed:
Emily Troise
Juliet Cotterill
Simone Jounson
Terri-Anne Grey
Vlatka Dragic
Simone Lewis
April Witt
Jodie Glinster
Chloe Stout

Master Figure International 40+
Gold Medal Helen Longmuir (AUS)
Silver Medal Catherine McGillivray (AUS)
Bronze Medal Carita Costa (USA)

Masters Men 40+ Short Class
Gold Medal Matt Nicholson (AUS)
Silver Medal Carlos Azevedo (AUS)
Bronze Medal Paul Anderton (AUS)

Also competed:
Kevin Redfern
Warwick Pearson
Warwick Williams
Tony Geammal
Nhon Ly
Ken Ross

Master Ms Physique 40+
Gold Medal Sam Attrill (AUS)
Silver Medal Karen Flaherty (AUS)
Bronze Medal Karren Crossan (AUS)

Also competed:
Diana Saffigna
Loise Esplan
Ali Gascoine
Helen Longmuir
Mandy Knowles
Clare Ross
K. Deobhakta
Catherine McGillivray
Fiona Flanders
Robyn Booth
Victoria Thomas
Jo Morris
Donna Baillie
Marian Leonard
Sue Bettridge

Master Men Tall Class 40+
Gold Medal Bradley Cope (AUS)
Silver Medal Made Suteja (AUS)
Bronze Medal Roger Waters (Great Britain) 

Also competed:
Neil Angel
Sean Elphinstone
Craig Winter
Simon Whatley
Franck Garnier
Frank Swindells
Jiri Stepanek

Masters Women Bodybuilding 40+
Gold Medal Debbie Urquhart (AUS)
Silver Medal Fimka Hampson (AUS)
Bronze Medal Debbie Keen (AUS)

Also competed:
K. Bishop
Darlene Garber
Jennifer Miller
Jody Curtis
Sharon Clough
Diedre Hohepa
Monika Greich

Grand Masters Figure International 50+
Gold Medal Kay Wiseman (AUS)
Silver Medal Cheryl Farrell (AUS)
Bronze Medal Jenny Madders (AUS)

Also competed:
Noela Laggan
Kathy Saldana
Lorraine Paciullo
Carista Costa
Hilary Reid

Overall Master Figure International
Kay Wiseman (AUS)

GrandMaster Men Short 50+
Gold Medal Ian Bowden (AUS)
Silver Medal Basilio Leong (AUS)
Bronze Medal Terry Sawa (AUS)

Also competed:
Neil Rech
Philip Peake
Steve Rovella
Jerome Moyland
Harry Haureliuk

Grand Masters Ms Physique 50+
Gold Medal Marlene Henderson (NZ)
Silver Medal Kay Wiseman (AUS)
Bronze Medal Karen Jessop (AUS)

Also competed:
Jenny Madders
Debbie Dunkley
Kathy Saldana
Lorraine Paciullo
Carolyn Heaton
Noela Laggan
Cheryl Farrell
Gudrun Oliver
Hilary Reid

GrandMaster Men Tall 50+ 
Gold Medal Tony Haranas
Silver Medal Joe De Monet
Bronze Medal Wayne Britton

Also competed:
Raymond Moyle
Hans Lingren
Doug Holmberg
Charles Gaffiero
William Tremble
Garth Allison
Ian Nordahl
Glen Zephyre
Shane Stansfield.

GrandMaster Women Bodybuilding 50+
Gold Medal Joy Crockett (NZ)

UltraMaster Men 60+
Gold Medal Steve Rosenbaum (NZ)
Silver Medal Carey Greentree (AUS)
Bronze Medal Duncan McLean (AUS)

Also competed:
Harry Haureliuk
Ian Nordahl
John Henderson
Bernie Russo
Philip Peake

UltraMaster Ms Physique 60+
Gold Medal Christina LaSota (AUS)
Silver Medal Karola Parsons (AUS)
Bronze Medal Janice Lorraine (AUS)

UltraMaster Womens Bodybuilding 60+
Gold Medal Janice Lorraine (AUS)
Silver Medal Cheryl Miller (AUS)

Super UltraMaster Men 70+
Gold Medal Dieter Horn (NZ)

Overall Master Ms Physique
Sam Attrill (AUS)

Overall Master Men 
Bradley Cope (AUS)

Women's BodyBuilding Class 1
Gold Medal Melissa Pearson (AUS)
Silver Medal Monika Greich (AUS)
Bronze Medal Darlene Garber (USA)

Also competed:
Elizabeth Hardy
Christine Zadel
Diedre Hohepa

Women's BodyBuilding Class 2
Gold Medal Jennifer Miller (AUS)
Silver Medal Fimka Hampson (AUS)
Bronze Medal Tania Inwood (AUS)
4th place Jody Curtis (AUS)

Overall Womens Bodybuilding
Debbie Urquhart (AUS)

Mixed Pairs Routine Only
Godl Medal Mandy Knowles & Bradley Cope (AUS)
Silver Medal Kirsty Hall & Angus Bailey (AUS)
Bronze Medal Melissa & Warwick Pearson (AUS)
4th place Lisa & Steve Rovella (USA)

Junior Men
Gold Medal Nathan Wallace (AUS)
Silver Medal Ben Wortley (AUS)
Bronze Medal Jordan Boddam-Whetham (AUS)

Also competed:
Ben Bergmeier
Michael White
Erros Chiodo
Luke Tsoutsouras
Chun Kwan
Mark Prendergast
Rayan Bitar
Jesse Palu
Andrew Wain
Christopher Atkins
Tremayne Shoesmith
Mark Brabazon
Ricardo Fernandez
Angus Bailey
Michael Reid
Paul Reeves

Figure International Open Class 1
Gold Medal Bailee Doolan (AUS)
Silver Medal Nicky Jacobson (AUS)

Mens Open Class 1
Gold Medal Shawn Mason (AUS)
Silver Medal Thomas Anderson (USA)
Bronze Medal Joel Ramintas (AUS)

Also competed:
Peter Borgna
David Jones
Marcos Baez
Abdelrahman Saudi
Glenn Gattellaro
Heintje Benny Pojoh
Warwick Williams
Nhon Ly
Andre Brun
Matthew Nicholson
Steve Rovella
Adam Browner
Leon Stensholm
Chun Kwan
Christopher Kendrick
Matthew Window
|Carlos Azevedo

Ms Physique Open Class 1
Gold Medal Janet Kane (AUS)
Silver Medal Karen Flaherty (AUS)
Bronze Medal Gemma Irving (AUS)

Also competed:
Waimaria Honatana
Danielle Morris
Bailee Doolan
Nicky Jacobson
Shannon Hamilton

Figure International Open Class 2
Gold Medal Natalie Braic (AUS)
Silver Medal Michelle Witomski (AUS)
Bronze Medal Wendy Young (AUS0

Also competed:
Diana Saffigna
Angela Wiseman
Carrie Fosdick
Hayley Eastham
Stefanie Ianni
Donna Bailee
Flavia Acquarola

Open Men Class 2
Gold Medal Justin Firgaira (AUS)
Silver Medal Stan Tautalonoa (NZ)
Bronze Medal Owen Batty (AUS)

Also competed:
Ricardo Martinez
Duncan Rankine
Paul Anderton
Tristan Boyce
Dian Agoes
Arthur Mahar
Bryce Cleary
Marek Vomacka
Dane Enkera
Stuart O'Brien
Tony Geammal
Paul Reeves

Ms Physique Open Class 2
Godl Medal Natalie Braic (AUS)
Silver Medal Sam Attrill (AUS)
Bronze Medal Karla Gambell (AUS)

Also competed:
Kirsty Hall
Eva Clarke
Julie Pilioglou
Angela Wiseman
Lisa Saygun
Ali Gascoine
Karen Jessop
Michelle Witomski
Louise Esplan
Natalie Long
Hayley Eastham
Sue Bettridge
Mollie Stewart-Gibson
Steffanie Ianni
Casey Winsor
Farah Deobhakta
Wendy Young
Jennifer Forster
Flavia Acquarola
Michelle Fuller
Donna Baillie
Leonie Hoffman
Marian Leonard

Figure International Open Class 3 
Gold Medal April Witt (USA)
Silver Medal Belinda Wasowski (AUS)
Bronze Medal Kristen Ey (AUS)

Open Men Class 3
Gold Medal Phillip Hodgson (AUS)
Silver Medal Nathan Wallace (AUS)
Bronze Medal Mike Sloan (AUS)

Also competed:
Jarrod L'estrange
Donald Kaiwi
Lance Jensen
Chad Brann
Adam Barboza
Anthony Da Silva
Jason Stafford
Anthony Drexel
Drue Pattie
Alpha Issaako
Ben Minos
Craig Winter
Matthew Fry
Angus Bailey
Made Suteja

Ms Physique Open Class 3
Gold Medal Clare Ross
Silver Medal Leonie Mischewski
Bronze Medal Rebbeca Micich

Also competed:
Loretta Watson
Sanja Hodgson
Belinda Wasowski
Lisa Colombani
Janere Reid
Sara Symonds
Kristen Ey
Lisa Cameron
Victoria Thomas
Julieanne Gregory
Phillippa Jones
Monique Rademaker
Natalie Bartle
Vicki Sauerwald
Samara Jolley
Angie Tsioueos
Sara Slivka
Zhenya Vernon

Open Mens Class 4
Gold Medal Kiyoshi Moody (USA)
Silver Medal Jason Konrath (AUS)
Bronze Medal Obi Akintaju (NIGERIA)

Also competed:
Roger Waters
Adam Betts
Shane Evans
Sario Kalms
Josh Tait
Visesio Pouhila
Brenton Simmonds
Luke Holiday-Smith
Joshua Dickinson
Jesse McConaghy
Marko Zarak
Alexander Hausen
Anthony Hopkins
Doug Holmberg
Dominic Geeves
Luke Nikolovski
Luke Trainor
Luke Tsoutsouras

Natural Olympia Figure International Champion
Natalie Braic (AUS)

Natural Olympia Ms Physique Champion
Janet Kane (AUS)

Natural Olympia Champion
Kiyoshi Moody (USA)

TEAM USA with World President and Founder Denny Kakos